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It’s no secret. Starting a business is a tough process. You’ve opened a business account with the bank. You spent weeks searching for a suitable office space while interviewing potential employees at the same time. And finding quality team members can be tricky. Once all the pieces are in place, it’s time to get clients so you can practice your craft and support the business. Generating an initial wave of clients often takes a while. But it doesn’t have to. If you pay for leads, your business can start getting clients and generating revenue immediately.

Wait. Pay for leads? What’s a lead?

A lead is an individual or organization that has expressed an interest in a product or service you’re selling. They contact the business via an online submission form or email. Once a business gets their inquiry, a team member follows up to turn that individual into a paying client. However, that potential client may not become one, depending on their needs or budget.

Some businesses chose to build their contact base by paying third parties to send leads their way instead of waiting for them organically. Buying leads is not for all businesses though. Product driven businesses, such as bakeries or CBD shops, are better off attracting business using digital marketing campaigns. It’s inappropriate for clothing boutique employee to call a potential customer. We saw that you are looking for a new dress; you should visit our store! That would be strange. Thus, purchasing leads is most effective for professional businesses (law firm, accounting, real estate, etc.).

We are excited to announce that SKAT is officially in the lead game!

SKAT now offers exclusive lead generation services for law firms seeking family law clients. Upon identifying people in your area searching for a family law attorney, we’ll provide your firm with their contact information. It is then up to your team to contact them in a timely manner to hopefully convert him or her into a client.

Our family law lead service is risk free. We only charge for the valid leads we provide your law firm with. Most of the time these leads should become clients. And If that client is satisfied with your work, they may refer others to your practice.

Investing in lead generation services will save time. While lead generation can take place naturally, and for free, the time invested in drumming up interest through developing those leads is time you could save through purchasing them. The cost versus the resources you’ll save makes buying leads a valuable option. Ultimately, what you spend financially, you’re gaining back in time, time spent billing current clients.

While many lead services are probably competing for your attention, SKAT is the best to work with. We make our services easy to utilize. Here’s how:

Pause Anytime: If you have too many family law clients, SKAT will put a pause on sending you those leads until you tell us otherwise.

Cancel Anytime: After a few months of paying for leads, you may find that our lead generation service is not a good fit for your business strategy. In that case, you can cancel at any time. You can also come back whenever.

No Hidden Fees: We never charge hidden fees including activation, sign up fees, or monthly service charges. You just pay for each lead that we send.

Easy to calculate a Return on Investment (ROI): When you want to confirm that you’re getting a return on your investment for our services, the calculation is simple [Revenue generated from leads] Divided by [the cost of leads].

If you’ve got a business ready to acquire more family law clients, SKAT is ready to help you grow!


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