Gypped: The Truth About SEO Services

Much like your favorite theme park, marketing firms will nickel and dime you. Services such as website construction and Google add campaigns are worth the investment. However, others are frivolous. Paying for SEO services is particularly questionable. Yet many businesses get sucked into doing so every year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website to get organic, un-paid traffic from the search engine results page. An effective marketing strategy involves manipulating your website into being more attractive for search engines (usually Google). Where your website ranks in the search results depends on several factors. Google will consider the volume of traffic to your website, the loading speed, and content strength, to name a few. The first five results on Google get 67% of all clicks. Thus, those spots are what separate thriving companies from ones that go bankrupt.

Unfortunately, service lists make up the first page of most google searches for companies that provide services. Try it for yourself, google “contractors near me.” We already know its several service lists that claim to have the top contractors in [city name]. Google favors these lists; therefore, it’s impossible to beat them. And ultimately stupid to spend thousands of dollars a year attempting to.

Making matters worse, most marketing firms are double billing you for SEO services. They will charge you a-la-carte for products like blog posts, Google Pay-Per-Click marketing, and social media marketing. However, each of these individual products are part of the SEO analysis. Nevertheless, when marketing companies provide those services for you, they still charge you for SEO even though they do nothing additional. This practice makes it difficult to get a high return on your investment, something SKAT Marketing provides for clients.

Paid-for SEO services also involve monitoring SEO strength with special programs that analyze website click volume. And many firms use their own special analysis programs that are expensive to maintain. This is a mistake because Google offers the same data for free on G-Suite. And Google’s version is completely effective. Arguably, superior.

Since we, at SKAT, want to help you grow your business, we do not bill extra for SEO. Our services that we offer are SEO. As a practical marketing firm, we use what Google provides to analyze client SEO statistics. We also give our clients direct access to their reports, so they can view the information whenever. Monthly, we sit down with them to assist in interpreting and identifying trends in the data. When necessary, we offer solutions on how to improve client SEO at no extra charge.


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