About Us

In running Blink Law, Sam entered into contracts with various marketing firms thinking they’d help generate business. After working with these firms for multiple years, Sam concluded that he made a poor investment.

Contrary to what the firms promised, Blink Law did not experience a great return on their investment. The thousands paid, went mostly toward overhead instead of marketing to potential Blink Law clients. Unfortunately, marketing firms treat all clients this way. They offer overpriced a-la-carte services, and then fail to help businesses grow their profit margins, the very goal of marketing.

Eventually, Sam took Blink Law’s marketing strategy into his own hands. And, you guessed it! He did a better job on his own!  

In seeing what worked for Blink Law, Sam opened SKAT Marketing with his wife Katherine. We, at SKAT, create efficient and effective marketing material for professional businesses (law firms, accounting firms, contractors, etc.) in the greater Nashville area.

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What Separates SKAT From Other Marketing Firms?

The Contract


If you purchase our a-la-carte services, SKAT will not bind you to a long-term contract. Your business will pay on a monthly basis. At anytime, you may terminate services with us.